Elderly Care Facility


Proper elderly care services are essential to the emotional and physical health of the elderly. Here at A Touch of Home Assisted Living we provide many elderly care services that lead to long lasting contentment and health for those that require our services. Our elderly care services can be a wonderful way to help the elderly live in their homes while still receiving supervision. With these services, a home caregiver will make sure that the client is kept in good health and cheer. Nor will the senior have to sacrifice his or her independence.


The need for elderly home care can be a big challenge for any family. It is not always possible to adequately provide for a beloved parent, family member or a grandparent, and finding a caring home health care service in strangers can be difficult.

Issues like senile dementia may require around-the-clock care that is too exhausting for someone with a full-time job and who does not have the necessary training. A Touch of Home Assisted Living’s approach to companion and elderly care ensures your loved one’s needs are always first and foremost in our minds.

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